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Gym: RUT CAMP- Rise Up Training  3221 Industry Dr, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Certifications: EPIC, NCSF, NASM CPT, NASM CES, NASM PES, Wreck Bag, CPR/First Aid

Background: Timmie Brann has been a coach since 2007.  She launched RUT in 2015 with her business partner Alisha Lopez.  She has coached everyone from running, triathlons, OCR, bodybuilding to figure competitions.  Personally she is ranked at the National level for Spartan and is a part of their selected Pro Team.  With over 11 podiums and counting she definitely practices what she preaches.


Epic Certified Coach

Timmie Brann

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Gym: RUT CAMP- Rise Up Training  3221 Industry Dr, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Certifications: EPIC, NCSF

Background: Since 2003, Hugo has been a dedicated coach, leader and mentor to both children and their families.  He has worked on youth development with organizations such as the L.A. Clippers, Chivas USA, Kids in Sports and South Gate Football.  He has multiple podiums in the EPIC world and is diligently working on achieving more.  His focus is on Olympic Lifting and the hybrid part of fitness and athleticism.


Epic Certified Coach

Hugo Frausto


Gym: RUT CAMP- Rise Up Training  3221 Industry Dr, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Certifications: EPIC, Spartan Certified, CPR/First Aid

Background: Jessica was brought onto the RUT Team as an OCR enthusiast.  She has completed an astonishing 12 Spartan Trifecta's in her OCR career thus far.  Known for her free spirit, smile and positive energy she manages RUT and coaches Rutters as if they are family.  If you know RUT then you know Jessica.  She does it all!


Epic Certified Coach

Jessica Aiwazzi


Certifications: EPIC, Spartan SGX, CPR/First Aid

Background: Coach Jaime has been in the fitness world her entire life.  Most recently she has been an avid OCR racer with over 8 Spartan Trifectas!!  She looks forward to building her coaching foundation based off of her many experiences in all different types of athletics.

Epic Certified Coach

Jaime Diaz


Gym: RUT CAMP - Rutter

Athletic accomplishments: Athletic scholarships in collegiate softball and cross country.  Participated in a handful of events: Spartan Races, Epic Series, Tough Mudder, GoRuck, CrossFitt comps. 

Epic Certified Coach

Maya Varela

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Gym: RUT CAMP - Coach


Certifications: ACE, EPIC, CPR/First Aid


Background: G Man has been racing in the OCR world since 2010.  He is one of the OG's!!  He has run marathons, many OCR races and has competed in many hybrid competitions.  He is the one that will push you when you think you no longer can.  He is that voice yelling "RISE UP!"  No one gets more positive, excited and cheers louder than G Man.

Epic Certified Coach

Guillermo Miramontes - G Man

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Gym: RUT CAMP - Coach


Certifications: NASM, EPIC, CPR/First Aid


Background: Monk has been a coach since 20017.  He is passionate about providing athletes from all backgrounds the tools and training they need to take their goals to the next level.  With his ninja like skills and parkour expertise he is qualified to cover the spectrum when it comes to overall wellness.

Epic Certified Coach

Monk Rodriguez




Background: Coach Alisha is the co-owner of RUT Camp.  She is also a USA Cycling Coach.  A certified personal trainer and Spartan SGX Coach, Alisha continues to inspire both children and adults in the world of OCR.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and uses her expertise to motivate those around her.

Owner - RUT CAMP

Alisha Lopez 

jacek jurczyk.JPG

Gym: RUT CAMP - Coach


Background: Jacek is an adventurer and outdoor enthusiast along with a stellar Masters athlete.  He has multiple EPIC podiums and many Spartan medals.  His hobbies include crossfit, hiking and camping.  He loves working with people, learning from others and inspiring people to change their lives.

Epic Certified Coach

Jacek Jurczyk

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Gym: RUT CAMP - Coach

Certifications: EPIC, NASM CPT, CPR/First aid. 

Background: Billy spent 4 years in the Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.  After his 4 years he realized his true passion was in helping others in the world of fitness.  He has been a part of the OCR World since 2016.  Billy keeps things fun and lively around the gym. To know Billy is to love Billy.

Epic Certified Coach

Billy Cortese

Chris Profile.jpg

Gym: Warrior Training Center - Strength and Condition Coach

Background: Chris served in three combat tours and is a 12 year US Army veteran. He's an MMA practitioner, and a Modern Army Combative Level 2.

Epic Certified Coach

Christopher Cabrera

Corey Profile.jpg

Gym: Warrior Training Center - Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Background: Corey is an FNX Ambassador and a four year US Air Force Veteran. 

Epic Certified Coach

Corey Hernandez


Gym: Self Made Training Facility 

803 w San Marcos Blvd San Marcos, CA 92078


Certifications: EPIC, HITT, MCMAP, TRX, CPR/First Aid


Background: Isaac has served in the Marine Corps for 5 year. He was a pro circuit powerlifter with a world championship and many medals under his belt. He is also a Nationally Qualified bodybuilder. Within the Marine Corps has worked closely with the Body Composition Program as well as the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program as an instructor to keep his warfighters in the best shape possible. 

Epic Certified Coach

Isaac Miller


Gym: Herndon Fit Body Boot Camp

6761 N MILBURN AVE #105  FRESNO, CA, 93722.


Background: For the greater part of Michael's life, he's had a passion for all things physical and athletic. Michael has excelled in sports as a child and teen, and as he grew into an adult, he honed the disciplines learned there to raise the bar in his personal fitness to pursue excellence in bodybuilding and nutrition. Michael has devoted his leisure time to the continuity of his personal fitness goals, and has continued to challenge himself in the pursuit of true physical excellence. Now, as a fitness professional, Michael constantly works to better his clients, whether they are young athletes looking to hone specific skills, the mom wanting to get back into shape, or the man wanting to enjoy longevity in his middle age. Michael recently found a love for OCR and is excited to be a member of the EPIC team utilizing their techniques to build athletes ready for the EPIC Challenges ahead. 

Epic Certified Coach

Michael Rodriguez


Gym: Self Made Training Facility San Marcos, 803 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078

Certifications: ACE, NCCPT, EPIC, CPR/First Aid


Background: Hi, my name is Daisy. I moved to the US three years ago and brought my passion for an active lifestyle from Belgium to San Diego. While I was in Belgium I fully dove into the sport of cycling. While training for my races, I knew I had to improve my strength and speed. Through that, I fell in love with and developed a drive for lifting weights. When I came to San Diego, I had the fitness world at my fingertips. I went from being an elite level power lifter to a nationally qualified figure competitor. I have and still run various OCR events and have even picked up Boxing. Fitness is my love, my passion. And I couldn’t be happier to share my knowledge and experience with with others and help them achieve their fitness goals. From weight loss, to muscle gain, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cycling, OCR training. Through dedication, consistency and perseverance we can reach your fitness goals together and I will be there pushing you every step of the way. Let’s make your goals a reality.

Epic Certified Coach

Daisy Mollica

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